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Issue of postal prepaid stationery

Postal pre-paid stationery includes postage stamps and prepaid stationery issued according to the needs of postal transit.

Pošta Slovenije, d. o. o. has the exclusive right to issue postal prepaid stationery.

Postage stamps

Postage stamps are prepaid stationery with denominated value, size, material, print, colour, text and method of distinguishing. Postage stamps are:

  • regular,
  • personal and
  • occasional postage stamps. 

Postage stamps are used for indicating the payment of postal services.

Postage prepaid stationery

Postage prepaid stationery are letters and envelopes with printed stamp or text confirming that the postage has been paid for a particular value of the letter or envelope.

Postage prepaid stationery includes regular letters, regular prepaid letters, aerograms, illustrated letters, postcard letters and occasional prepaid letters.

Within the scope of this activity, Pošta Slovenije, d. o. o.:

  • issues prepaid stationery,
  • notifies postage stamps at the Universal Postal Union and its member countries,
  • sells and exchanges international reply coupons and
  • expert prepaid stationery.

Applies for SKD:

  • Other postal and courier activities H53.200

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Čezmejno/občasno opravljanje dejavnosti ne sodi v storitveno direktivo

in se izvaja v skladu Direktiv 2002/39/ES, 2008/6/ES, 97/67/ES.

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