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Transport of fishing products

The transport of fishing products refers to the transport before the first sale. This activity is carried out by transporters.

Transporters are undertakings which perform freight transport with motor vehicles or combination of vehicles for hire or against payment. The right to pursue the transport activity is acquired with a license, for which an undertaking must fulfil the prescribed conditions.

To transport fishing products, a transport document is required which is drawn up by a transporter of fishing products. Prior to the start of transport, a transporter must complete a transport document and keep it for the whole time of the consignment transport.

Applies for SKD:

  • Freight transport by road H49.410


  • Before the first sale, a transport document is attached to the fishing products, for which no notification on the sale or a takeover declaration were provided and are transported to the location, which is not the place of unloading. In 48 hours after the unloading, the transporter submits the transport document to the competent authorities of the Member State, on the area of which the unloading was conducted.

    The transport document includes:

    • place of shipping destination and identification of a transport means,
    • external identification number and the name of the fishing vessel which unloaded the products,
    • the FAO three-letter code, individual species and respective geographical areas where the catch was conducted,
    • quantities of individual species being transported in kilograms of product mass and classified to a type of the product presentation and if necessary the number of items,
    • name and address of the recipient,
    • place and date of loading,
    • number of logbook,
    • Slovenian trade name of the respective species,
    • scientific name,
    • method of production (caught at sea or farmed),
    • signature of the transporter and recipient.

    The transport document is prepared by a transporter of fishing products and must be accurate, legible and timely submitted.


    Certificate on the submission of postal delivery

    Legal basis

  • A licence to perform national road haulage may be acquired by sole traders or legal entities who meet the prescribed conditions to perform this activity.

    An application to acquire a licence should be filed with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia or the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.

    Within 15 days of receiving a complete application, the licence issuer issues the applicant

    • a decision on the granting of the licence to perform road haulage,
    • a licence certificate and
    • copies of the licence for each individual vehicle.

    A carrier is issued as many copies of the licence as they need to perform road transport and for which they meet the conditions.

    The original of the licence (certificate) is kept at a carrier's head office. During road transport and driving itself, a driver must keep a copy of the licence in the vehicle.

    A domestic carrier may begin transport on the day the licence is delivered.


Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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