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Concession for performing public services

The concession in the field of social care is granted for performing public services in the field of social care.

The state is the concession provider, except for the care at home services, where the municipality is the concession provider.

A legal or natural person (concessionaire), who fulfils all the prescribed conditions, is granted the concession based on the public tender.

The ministry, competent for social care or the municipal council use the concession act to determine the type and scope of services, for which the public tender (tender) for the granting of concession is published.

The tender can be published only for a service or individual type of service as is determined in the umbrella act and regulations issued based on this act, i.e. on the standards and norms of social care services. A concession cannot be tendered only for a part of a service.

The concessionaire must fulfil the following conditions:

  • they are a legal entity in the Republic of Slovenia, registered for performing activities subject to the concession or they area a subsidiary of a foreign legal entity that performs this activity, entered in the registered in the Republic of Slovenia, or they are a natural person registered in the Republic of Slovenia for performing the activity subject to the concession,
  • they fulfil the conditions with regard to premises, equipment, staff and other conditions stipulated by the umbrella act and its executive regulations for the performance of the service for which the concession is tendered (services),
  • they have prepared a detailed work programme,
  • they ensure quality implementation of the service and that
  • they area financially and commercially qualified.

The concession is granted for definite time. The concession for daily institutional care is granted for 20 years.

The concession provider enters the concessionaire in the register of issued concessions.

Beneficiaries who are exempt from payment of social care services can enforce the exemptions only for social care services that are performed within the scope of a public service and in accordance with the prescribed standards and norms by a public social care institution or concessionaire, where the price is designed in accordance with the prescribed methodology, and for which the law does not stipulate that they are free for the beneficiary.