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Decision on the recognition of professional qualification – detective

The decision on recognising an applicant’s professional qualifications enables the individual to obtain a permit to perform a regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia.

If the authority establishes substantial differences between the individual's training and national training, an additional measure is imposed. These measures include taking an examination of professional qualifications or fulfilling the compliance of professional qualifications by a defined time period.

An individual has the right to perform the regulated profession from the day the decision becomes final. At this point, the competent authority enters the individual in the register of detectives.

The entry in the register enables the individual to become a member of the chamber, with all rights and obligations.

If the profession is not regulated in the country where the agent is located, the service provider must perform the services that the latter wishes to provide in the Republic of Slovenia in the home country continuously or for at least 2 years in the previous 10 years before the detective starts performing these services in the Republic of Slovenia.


These terms apply to the profession Detective

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or any other member state of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.


    The candidate submits a copy of a valid personal document showing the citizenship or citizenship certificate issued according to the regulations of the country of origin.

  • An individual with five years of permanent residence in the country must have no record of conviction for a deliberate committed criminal offence in that country, nor any violent offence or an offence related to prohibited drugs.


    Statement of impunity: original with translation in Slovenian language.

  • In accordance with the regulations of the member state of EU, EEA or Swiss Confederation, the applicant may perform respective services and, at the time the certificate is issued, he/she is not prohibited from performing these services, not even temporarily.


    • Certificate that, at the time the certificate is issued, the applicant is not prohibited from performing services, not even temporarily.

    If the authorities of the member state of origin do not issue such certificates, they may be substituted by an affidavit of the applicant, which is made in front of a competent judicial or administrative authority. This authority then issues the certificate confirming the authenticity of the affidavit.

  • An individual must have a higher education qualification obtained within the scope of a professional 1st level programme (VI) or an equal level of education obtained abroad and recognised in accordance with the law.


    Education acquired in Slovenia:

    • Diploma or certificate – certified copy.

    Education acquired in the EU:

    • Diploma, certificate or other documents of formal education acquired in the EU – original or certified copy with  attached certified translation into Slovenian.
    • Documents on the contents and training must be provided, which also state the duration of the study programme and study subjects, including the hours or credits acquired in individual subjects. This must be the original or a  certified copy withan  attached certified translation into Slovenian.

  • An individual must meet all the conditions prescribed in the country of origin in order to practice a regulated profession.

    If the profession is not regulated in the country of origin, the individual must perform the services which the latter wishes to provide in the Republic of Slovenia in the home country continuously or for at least two years in the period of the previous ten years before he/she performing these services in the Republic of Slovenia.


    • Certificates issued by the competent authorities of European union Member States on the fulfilment of conditions to practice a profession (e.g. certificate of a completed professional examination, membership of a professional chamber),
    • evidence of other qualifications and professional experience (if the profession is not regulated in the country of origin). 
    The documents must be submitted in the original or in a certified copy thereof translated into Slovenian language.

  • Before starting as a detective, the business or individual must have professional liability insurance to cover any potential losses to the client or third persons.

    The amount of the insurance sum must not be lower than EUR 42,000 for an individual contingency or EUR 84,000 for all contingencies in an insurance year.


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