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A breeding organisation in livestock farming

Recognised breeding organisations are organisations in Slovenia that are active in the following fields:

  • horse husbandry,
  • bee-keeping,
  • sheep and goat farming,
  • cattle farming,
  • poultry and
  • pig farming.

Recognised breeding organisations are responsible for performing breeding programmes for each domestic animal breed. A breeding organisation keeps a herd book for a breed, in which each suitable breeding animal is entered.

Each recognised breeding organisation must take into account the principle of discrimination in order:

  • to enter each suitable animal into the herd book upon the request of a breeding organisation member or animal holder;
  • for each breeder who farms breeding animals in the field of work and in the operating limits of a breeding organisation and who is willing to participate in the implementation of a breeding programme to have the right to become a member of this organisation and to work with this organisation when implementing a breeding programme  

A breeding organisation is recognised on the basis of a decision issued by a competent authority. The providers of breeding programmes who wish that their breeding programme is included in the Joint Basic Breeding Programme (STRP) must provide the public service of carrying out professional tasks on the basis of a concession agreement.

Applies for SKD:

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Dejavnost priznanih rejskih organizacij ne sodi v storitveno direktivo. Čezmejno opravljanje dejavnosti v tem primeru nji možno.

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