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Activities of holding companies (64.200)

This SCA code includes activities and services for which entrance and/or other conditions for the commencement and pursuit of an activity are established. 

Regulations and conditions:

The member of the management board in an insurance holding is a person who fulfils the conditions under the first and second paragraph of Article 24 of this Act.

A member of the Management Board of an insurance public-liability company may be a person who fulfils the following conditions:

  • they are appropriately professionally qualified and have the characteristics and experience required to manage an insurance company;
  • they have not been convicted res judicata of a premeditated criminal offence or any of the following criminal offences committed out of negligence: causing death through negligence, serious bodily harm, grievous bodily harm, threatening safety at work, concealment, treason and the illegal obtaining of a business secret, money laundering, divulging classified information or causing general danger, the sentence for which has not yet been erased.
Source: Ministry of Finance

Activities/services which are classified in this sub-class of the standard classification of activities:

Activities/services according to explanations of the standard classification of activities

This sub-class comprises the activities of holding companies (managing financial companies) i.e. units that own investments (have majority shares in equity capital) in a group of affiliated equity companies and their main activity is managing a group of companies.

The managing financial companies in this sub-class do not perform any other services for units where they hold equity capital, i.e. they do not manage or control other units, see. 70.100

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Applies for SKD:

  • Activities of holding companies K64.200

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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