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Activities of opticians (47.781)

These include the following regulated activities:

These also include activities usually carried out as crafts:

    • the sale of all types of glasses, including sunglasses,
    • the sale of contact lenses.

    This activity is placed on the list of activities that are usually carried out as a craft.

    When registering the activity in the Business Register, business entities pursuing this activity as a craft must be entered ex officio in the register of crafts at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS).

    Free entry in the register of crafts is performed based on a notification sent by the registering authority (AJPES) to OZS.

    Commercial activity includes buying goods for further sale regardless of whether goods are sold in an unchanged or changed (working, processing and after treatment) condition.Retail sale means buying goods and further selling them to consumers.
    To perform the commercial activities all minimum technical and spatial conditions must be met, information on merchandise must be compulsory managed and opening hours must be properly fixed.
    When conducting activities, the trader must provide regular verification of measuring instruments - instruments that are used for the billing of its services.

    Applies for SKD:

    • Activities of opticians G47.781

    Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

    Performance of the activity in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. Prior to commencing the service, you must submit a written application to the competent authority.

    The provider that is established and meets the conditions for the pursuit of craft activities in the EU Member States, EEA or the Swiss Confederation, may occasionally carry out craft activity without establishment in the Republic of Slovenia. Before the first pursuit of an activity, the provider must lodge an application with the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia. 

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