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Bidding for and organising major international sporting events

Major sporting events are:

  • the Olympics,
  • Mediterranean Games,
  • Universiades,
  • world championships (including junior championships),
  • European championships (including junior championships),
  • world cups,
  • grand prix meetings and tournaments.

The following principles are taken into account when deciding on consent to the submission of a bid for an event to an international sport association:

  • that the event contributes to the development and expansion of sport in general or the particular sport in the country;
  • that the event draws interest for live TV and radio broadcast and other media, and to spectators;
  • that the event is commercially attractive;
  • that the event helps promote Slovenian sport and Slovenia as a country;
  • that the particular sport has an organisational and competitive tradition in Slovenia;
  • that there is a chance that Slovenian athletes will finish among the top third of the participants.


Applies for SKD:

  • Other sports activities R93.190


  • Applicants who wish to pursue this activity must register the business activity, and have the appropriate legal status.

  • Applicants for organisers of big international sporting events must form an initiative body to comprehensively prepare the candidacy for the organisation of an event.

    Legal basis

  • A study of the organisation and financing of an event must be carried out and must include:

    • the place and time of the event;
    • an overview of organisers of the last three events (states);
    • the number of organisers (states) running for the organisation of the event;
    • success of Slovenian sportspersons in previous competitions;
    • expected rankings of Slovenian sportspersons;
    • a plan for the final preparations of Slovenian sportspersons for performance at the event;
    • existing material base (competition facilities, accommodation capacity, transport, connections, etc.);
    • potential urgent new investments;
    • the number of members of the international sports federation, and the anticipated number of participating states;
    • a plan of sporting, economic, tourist, cultural and other activities accompanying the event;
    • an assessment of the impact of the event on traffic safety, public peace and order, and the safety of the participants at the event;
    • anticipated measures to provide traffic safety, public peace and order, and the safety of the participants at the event;
    • other planned or expected impacts of the event, financial structure, including resources and guarantees from fund providers (all income and expenditure);
    • and a proposal for potential co-financing of the event from state funds.

    Legal basis

  • Consent must be acquired from the relevant national sports association.

  • Preliminary consent for the submission of a candidature at the international sports federation and consent for possible co-financing from the national budget must be obtained from:

    • the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia for the Olympics, Mediterranean Games, Universiades;
    • from the Government for world and European championships, and
    • from ministries for world cups, grand prix meetings and tournaments.

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.