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This SCA code includes activities and services for which entrance and/or other conditions for the commencement and pursuit of an activity are established. 

Regulations and conditions::

  • Banking Act 

  • The Bank of Slovenia is the central bank of the Republic of Slovenia. The Bank of Slovenia is a legal entity under public law which independently manages its own assets. The Bank of Slovenia is exclusively owned by the state and has financial and managerial autonomy – Article 1 of the Bank of Slovenia Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No 72/06 – official consolidated text).

    Source: Ministry of Finance

Activities/services which are classified in this sub-class of the standard classification of activities:

Activities/services according to explanations of the standard classification of activities:

  • activities of central banks change for institutional reasons, including the issue of the national currency and currency governance,
  • monitoring and control of cash offer, accepting deposits used to settle invoices among financial institutions,
  • banking supervision,
  • managing international reserves of the state,
  • operating as the government banker.
Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Applies for SKD:

  • Central banking K64.110

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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