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Classification institution activity

A classification institution is an authorised organisation that performs technical supervision, inspects vessels that are longer than 12 metres and issues certificates.


Technical supervision of the ship performed by classification institutions entails:

  • confirmation of technical documentation for building or processing a ship, and technical documentation for the construction of materials, machines, devices and equipment designated for the construction, processing and repair of a ship;
  • supervision of the construction and processing of a ship during construction or processing and supervision of the construction of materials, machines, devices and equipment;
  • inspection of existing ships including the supervision of repairs and restorations of the parts of the ship for which it has been found at inspection that they need to be repaired or restored;
  • other inspections.

Ship inspections are:

  • basic:

The basic inspection is mandatory for a ship before it is entered in the ship register, when the ship permanently changes its purpose or expands the borders o navigation and when the ship is processes to change its construction features and the features of its motors prior to its use.

  • regular:

Regular inspections in certain time periods are intended to establish whether the ship's state applies to the technical requirements of the classification institution.

  • extraordinary:

Extraordinary inspection of a ship is implemented after a damage of the ship, at major repairs or restorations of a ship, if the ship was not operating for more than one year, at temporary change of purpose or change of navigation border and when a regular inspection report must be submitted for more than three months. The classification institution issues a certificate of compliance after the inspection of the ship.


The boat can navigate:

  • if it is established that its construction and navigation features as well as equipment confirm that it is able to navigate and if it has a navigation permit and is steered by a qualified person.

Applies for SKD:

  • Other engineering activities and related techical consultancy M71.129

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Dejavnost klasifikacijskih zavodov ne sodi v storitveno direktivo. Klasifikacijski zavod se imenuje v skladu z Uredbo (ES) št. 391/2009.