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Combined railway transport

Combined transport is the transport of cargo, where the container is at least 6 metres long, and where the replaceable load compartment, cargo trailer, semi-trailer with a hauling unit or without it and road cargo vehicle are transported in railway transport or on waterway. The supply and removal of intermodal transport units from the place of loading or unloading to the nearest terminal for combined transport or RO-RO ports, are performed by road transport.

The RO-RO port is a terminal or transhipment station that is equipped to enable the loading or unloading of road cargo vehicles, railway vehicles and intermodal transport units to the vessel or off of it.

Transport is considered combined transport if:

  • the main part of the transport is implemented by rail, the supply and removal is implemented at the distance to the nearest terminal or railway transhipment station;
  • the main part of the transport is implemented on waterways, the distance from supply and removal is no longer than 100 km as the crow flies from RO-RO port.

Terminals or railway transhipment stations in Slovenia are:

  • the terminal at the Port of Koper which is also a RO-RO port,
  • Ljubljana terminal,
  • Maribor terminal,
  • Sežana terminal,
  • Celje transshipment station and
  • Novo mesto transshipment station.

Comprehensive logistics services in combined transport are implemented by Slovenske železnice d.o.o.

Applies for SKD:

  • Freight rail transport H49.200

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.