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Construction of networks and infrastructure

The construction of public communication networks and corresponding infrastructure is of public interest.

Communication networks and corresponding network must be, except where the actual and technical capacities do not allow, built to enable joint use for the protection of environment and restricting unnecessary interventions in the space, public health and safety. For this purpose, an access point must be envisaged and set up at the construction of these communication networks.

Communication infrastructure must be designed and built in joint parts of the building when multiple residence and business buildings are built. The design and construction of the infrastructure must envisage and implement a distribution point.

Applies for SKD:

  • Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications F42.220

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Dejavnost gradnje omrežij in pripadajoče infrastrukture ne sodi v storitveno direktivo. Za čezmejno opravljanje dejavnosti veljajo enaki pogoji kot za slovenski subjekt, ki prvič vstopa v to dejavnost gradnje omrežij in pripadajoče infrastrukture.

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28. 9. 2021