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Construction of networks and infrastructure

The construction, installation, operation or maintenance of public communications networks and associated infrastructure in accordance with regulations shall be in the public interest. The construction of electronic communications networks and the associated infrastructure for the purposes of security, police, defence, protection, rescue and relief, as well as the construction of other electronic communications networks and the associated infrastructure on real estate owned by bodies governed by public law, constructed both above and below this real estate, shall be considered to be in the public interest.

Where practically and technically feasible, and to protect the environment, public health, and public safety, and to limit unnecessary spatial developments, communications networks and associated infrastructure must be constructed such as to enable their joint use, and in accordance with the principles of sustainability. To this end, broadband deployment must always envisage and establish common access points.

In multiple dwellings and commercial buildings, the physical communications infrastructure must be planned and constructed up to common access points, and passive communication infrastructure in the shared parts of the building for high-speed electronic communication must be provided; The project and construction phase of such infrastructure must envisage and establish a distribution point so as to enable individual operators to access each part of the building separately. The above shall also apply mutatis mutandis to the reconstruction of physical or passive communications infrastructure in buildings. The cost of planning and construction of physical or passive communications infrastructure referred to in this paragraph is included in the overall investment in construction or reconstruction of a multiple dwelling or commercial building.

However, this obligation does not apply to construction and reconstruction of buildings of total surface area below 50 m2, agricultural and forest buildings, buildings used exclusively for religious purposes, buildings protected because of their particular historical, cultural or architectural value, and other buildings where the fulfilment of the obligation referred to in the preceding paragraph would result in expense disproportionate to the overall cost of the project.

The operator of the infrastructure (both the network operator and the physical or natural person providing the physical infrastructure used for other types of public economic infrastructure) must, no later than thirty (30) days prior to the issuing of the order to produce the project documentation required to obtain a building permit or, when a building permit is not required, not later than sixty (60) days prior to the commencement of works, inform the Agency of the intention to commence the planned construction and issue a call to interested investors (in electronic communications network and associated infrastructure) in the joint planning or construction of the electronic communications network and associated infrastructure.

Any construction of communication facilities requires a building permit to be issued and the commencement of works to be announced in compliance with the Building Act, except for simple communication facilities. "Communications facility" means a building or civil engineering structure, which is part of an electronic communications network and associated infrastructure, including any device, equipment and infrastructure that is not a facility under the regulations on the construction of facilities (point 28 of Article 3of the Electronic communications Act).

However, the rules on acquiring easement apply to construction of both complex and simple communication facilities on private property.

Upon the  completion of construction the owner must send data on the communication network and associated infrastructure to the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia that will enter them in the Consolidated Cadastre of Public Infrastructure.

Applies for SKD:

  • Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications F42.220


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