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Disinfection, disinsectization and deratization under the Contagious Diseases Act

Disinfection is the removal or destruction of germs on items, substances or in the environment.

Disinsectization is the control or destruction of vermin (insects).

Deratization is the extermination of rats, mice and other rodent pests.

A practitioner requires a license to perform these practises.

Applies for SKD:


  • Applicants who wish to pursue this activity must register the business activity, and have the appropriate legal status.

  • DDD activities can be implemented by legal and natural entities who fulfil the conditions under these rules and based on the authorisation issued by the minister of health.

    The authorisation acquisition is conditioned by the fulfilment of conditions with regard to the suitability of premises and equipment, keeping records and employing appropriate professional staff.


Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

A permit needs to be obtained for cross-border/occasional performance of activity under the same conditions as for Slovenian entities.