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Growing of fibre crops (01.160)

This SCA code includes activities and services for which entrance and/or other conditions for the commencement and pursue of an activity are established. 

Regulations and conditions:

  • Agricultural Seeds and Propagating Material Act

  • The production, preparation for the market, import and/or marketing of agricultural seeds and propagating material may carried out only by the suppliers who are entered in the register of suppliers kept by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection (UVHVVR).

    More detailed information on the conditions for the exercise of the activities:

  • Production of agricultural seeds and propagating material
  • Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

Activities/services which are classified in this sub-class of the standard classification of activities:

This class includes:
  • production of cotton;
  • production of jute; production of flax and hemp;
  • production of sisal and similar fibres;
  • production of ramie and other plants for fibre.
Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia – Explanatory notes to the standard classification of activities 2008.pdf (1.8 MB)

Applies for SKD:

  • Growing of fibre crops A01.160

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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