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Hairdressing activity

Hairdressing activity is performed in a hairdressing salon. The hairdresser forms a client's hairstyle according to their wishes. Hairdressing services include hair care and washing, fashionable haircut, combing, colouring, waving, and straightening hair and other services. The hairdresser advises customers in relation to the use of hair cosmetics. They can also perform other services, such as shaving, beard shaping and trimming, shaping and colouring eyebrows and they can also perform other body care services.

Hairdresser activity may only be carried out in a suitable business premise, a salon with appropriate equipment and tools. Work on the ground or work outside the salon is only permitted in exceptional cases, in customers' homes, who due to a physical disability, mental disorder or other reasons, are unable to come to the premises where the hairdressing activity is carried out. Hairdressing activities on the ground cannot not be registered.

In the event that the activity is being pursued as a craft, it is necessary to obtain a craft business permit and be entered in the register of crafts at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.

In order to round and/or amend his activity, the craftsman may sell certain retail goods. The craftsman may sell the goods he/she uses in the provision of services only to persons for whom the service was provided.

Applies for SKD:

  • Hairdressing S96.021


  • The right to pursue a craft activity for which suitable vocational qualifications are necessary, is obtained based on the craft business permit and entrance in the Craft Register at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.

    Craft business permit is proof of fulfillment of the conditions for performing an activity.


  • The premise must meet minimum health, hygiene and technical conditions:

    • the size, arrangement, implementation and equipment of working and auxiliary premises must enable effective cleaning and disinfection, effective natural or artificial ventilation and adequate lighting according to the size of the premise and activity pursued to prevent cross-contamination between individual procedures.
    • The areas where paints or other products for treatment are prepared must be resistant to chemicals.
    • Hot and cold potable water supply must be ensured; waste collection and management must be in accordance with the rules.
    • In the working or auxiliary premise there must be a first aid box and/or kit.
    • The holder of the activity must ensure sanitation in the premise where the activity is pursued. The toilets must be equipped with a washbasin with hot and cold water, liquid soap and single-use towels.
    • The toilets for the users must be equipped with a washbasin with hot and cold water, liquid soap and single-use towels.


    Legal basis


  • The equipment must meet minimum health, hygiene and technical conditions: 

    • it must be technically flawless, regularly maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
    • It must be clean, made of materials enabling suitable cleaning, maintenance and, if necessary, disinfection or sterilisation, and safe for users in the intended and regular use.

    Tools and accessories:

    • Only disposable razor blades should be used for shaving and the use of electric shavers is allowed when parts of the shaver coming into contact with the skin, can be cleaned and sterilised.
    • Tools and parts of devices which normally do not come into contact with blood and/or body fluids must be cleaned after each use and, if necessary, disinfected;
    • in case of contamination with blood or body fluids the tools must be disposed of in appropriate waste or cleaned, disinfected and sterilised.
    • Wraps may be used several times; however, the edge of the wrap, which comes into contact with the neck, must be protected with a new, soft paper tape for each use.
    • When surfaces for sitting or lying come into direct contact with the user’s skin, disposable covers are used.
    • The holders of the activity must provide clean towels for the users

    Notifications on the risks and limitations in a business premise:

    • In the premise there must be a visible notice in capital letters including information regarding health risks and limitations in the provision of care for persons with a contagious infection of the skin, nails or parasites on the skin or scalp.

    Labelling of cosmetic products:

    Cosmetic products must be appropriately labelled and equipped with data on the supplier and the cosmetic product. All indications, instructions and/or signs must be clearly visible and readable and such that they cannot be deleted.

    The indications and the data of particular importance to the protection of the users' health on the packaging must be in the Slovenian language. All the statements, excluding the ingredients, must be on the inner or the outer packaging and written in the Slovenian language. If for practical reasons the information on the ingredients cannot be stated on the packaging of the cosmetic product, it must be indicated on an enclosed leaflet, a label, a ribbon or a card; in this case there must be a shortened notice or a graphical symbol of an open book, given on the outer packaging.

    Legal basis: Rules on the composition of cosmetic products

    Legal basis

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

The provider that is established and meets the conditions for the pursuit of craft activities in the EU Member States, EEA or the Swiss Confederation, may occasionally carry out craft activity without establishment in the Republic of Slovenia. Before the first pursuit of an activity, the provider must lodge an application with the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.