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Livestock semen collection centre

A semen collection centre is an officially approved and controlled facility for rearing breeding male animals (bulls, studs, boars, rams, or bucks) for the purpose of collecting and selling their semen.

Insemination is the fertilisation of a female breeding animal or female animal using the semen of a male breeding animal. Prior to being included in the semen collection centre, a male breeding animal must be able to reproduce.

An approved semen collection centre must perform breeding measures in accordance with the breeding programme, referring to:

  • the prevention of the negative impacts of inbreeding,
  • purposeful reproduction,
  • insemination programme,
  • male breeding animal fertility,
  • the use of heterosis,
  • biotic diversity in livestock farming,
  • genetic variability.

A semen collection centre monitors and analyses the work and performance of individual insemination providers who use the semen from an approved semen collection centre. The success of the work is determined especially on the basis of the results achieved by an individual insemination provider in comparison with the average insemination results according to individual domestic animal breeds. The discovered results need to be reported to a competent authority. In the event that any irregularities have been discovered during the performance of insemination, the semen collection centre is obligated to inform the Agricultural and Veterinary Inspection within eight days from the date that the irregularity was discovered.

An approved semen collection centre is an organisation that must be entered into the Register of Semen Collection Centres and is obligated to keep the documentation on male breeding animals, the collection of semen, and records on the sale of semen from one's own production and from other approved semen collection centres. 

In order to be entered into the Register of Semen Collection Centres, a centre must cooperate with the Veterinary Office at the semen collection centre, have a suitable number of male breeding animals, and suitable facilities and equipment.

Applies for SKD:

  • Support activities for animal production A01.620
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