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Mountain guiding

The activity of mountain guiding constitutes the permanent or occasional gainful engagement in one or several of the following activities:

  • guiding clients on mountain trails and pathless terrain;
  • guiding clients on ski touring;
  • guiding clients on mountain climbing;
  • guiding clients on glacier tours;
  • providing professional instructions on mountaineering.

A mountain guide is a person exclusively and professionally engaged in the above activities and included on the List of Mountain Guides, kept by the Slovenian Association of Mountain Guides.

It is only permitted to carry out mountain guiding services with mountain guides, and in some cases also with trainee mountain guides. Trainee mountain guides may independently guide clients on climbing, ski touring, mountain trail and pathless terrain tours. They may act as guides on glacier tours and provide professional lessons in mountaineering only under the guidance and supervision of mountain guides.

Only the following services may be carried out without a mountain guide:

  • guiding on mountain trails and pathless terrain that require no use of rope techniques;
  • guiding on ski touring requiring no securing of trail in winter conditions.

To complement the services available to clients, mountain guidance services may also include transport service, equipment rental and other similar services related to the above-mentioned activities.

Applies for SKD:

  • Other sports activities R93.190


  • Applicants who wish to pursue this activity must register the business activity, and have the appropriate legal status.

  • Mountain guides are individuals gainfully engaged in one or several activities listed below and included in the list of licenced mountain guides:

    • guiding clients on mountain trails and pathless terrain,
    • guiding clients on ski touring,
    • guiding clients on mountain climbing,
    • guiding clients on glacier tours,
    • providing professional instructions on mountaineering.

    The profession of mountain guide can be pursued in Slovenia upon the successful completion of the training courses for mountain guides followed by a year of mandatory traineeship, a completed professional competence examination and subject to their inclusion in the list of licenced mountain guides in Slovenia.

    When carrying out their professional services, mountain guides and trainee mountain guides must visibly display their badge and carry a mountain guide card issued by the Slovenian Mountain Guides Association (ZGVS) or the competent authority of a Contracting State.

    Mountain guides and trainee mountain guides have to use flawless equipment when providing their professional services; they are also required to ensure their clients the highest possible level of safety through the proper use of equipment in all circumstances.

    When providing their professional services, mountain guides and trainee mountain guides are required to:

    • decide when it is necessary to use ropes and other belay devices;
    • only accept as many clients as they, as guides, are able to guarantee the safety of, taking into account the duration, difficulty and type of intended tour, weather conditions, season and the abilities of the clients guided;


Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. Acquisition of permits is not required prior to commencing the service.