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Queen bee breeding facilities

Approved queen bee breeding facilities are divided into breeding facilities of pure-bred queens and of commercial queens.

An approved queen bee breeding facility is an organisation for the breeding and sale of breeding material that obtains a decision on the approval. Pursuant to the obtained decision, the relevant competent authority enters the approved queen bee breeding facilities into a register.

The tasks of approved queen bee breeding facilities are:

  • queen bee breeding in accordance with the breeding programme for the Carniolan honey bee;
  • acquiring drone sperm;
  • selling bee breeding material;
  • preventing inbreeding and determining whether the brood has a spotty pattern due to inbreeding;
  • providing information to livestock organisations.

The tasks relating to queen bee breeding are carried out by a queen breeder.

An approved queen bee breeding facility must also keep records and documentation on queen bees.

Applies for SKD:

  • Support activities for animal production A01.620
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