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The introduction and use of indigenous species of organisms for the biological protection of plants

For the purpose of biological plant protection, indigenous and non-indigenous species of organisms on the list of indigenous species and the list of non-indigenous species are used. These are beneficial organisms, such as living natural enemies, antagonists, or competitors, or their products and other organisms that can reproduce by themselves.

A user may introduce, grow, and use indigenous organisms with the purpose of harmful plant organism control, provided that they are professionally and technically trained.

It shall be understood that a user is professionally and technically trained for the introduction, growing, and use of indigenous organisms if they:

  • take into consideration the principles of good agricultural practices,environmental protection, and nature conservation, and
  • has suitable technical equipment for the use of beneficial organisms.

A user who works in agriculture and produces for the market must have valid supporting documentation proving the fulfilment of the conditions regarding education and professional training in accordance with the regulations that regulate plant protection products (exam for contractors of measures).

Applies for SKD:

  • Wholesale of flowers and plants G46.220
Last modified:
14. 4. 2022