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Wholesale of waste and scrap

Wholesale of waste and scrap entails:

  • wholesale of metal and non-metal scrap, waste and materials for recycling (together with collection and classification, but without any further processing)
  • wholesale of old paper
This also includes:
  • disassembly of obsolete vehicles, televisions, computers and other products with the purpose of acquiring and selling still usable parts

Commercial activity includes buying goods for further sale regardless of whether goods are sold in an unchanged or changed (working, processing and after treatment) condition. Wholesale is purchase of goods and its further sale to traders and other sole proprietors, legal persons and other individuals who are buying for the pursuit of his trade or profession.

To perform the commercial activities all minimum technical and spatial conditions must be met, information on merchandise must be compulsory managed and opening hours must be properly fixed. When conducting activities, the trader must provide regular verification of measuring instruments - instruments that are used for the billing of its services.

A merchandiser who is entered in the register of waste merchandisers is obliged to purchase and resell waste.

Applies for SKD:

  • Wholesale of waste and scrap G46.770