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Wireless telecommunication activities (61.200)

This SCA code includes activities and services for which entrance and/or other conditions for the commencement and pursuit of an activity are established. 

Regulations and conditions:

  • Electronic Communications Act

  • Based on Article 4 of the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) any natural or legal entity provides electronic communication networks or implements electronic communication services under the conditions determined under ZEKom-1 and on executive acts, as well as in accordance with other current legislation if public order, life and human health as well as public safety and the country's security are not endangered.

    The Article 5 of ZEKom-1 in the first paragraph determines that prior, to commencing or changing the provision of providing public communication networks or implementing public communication services, the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS) must be notified in writing. Article 5 of the ZEKom-1 under the fifth paragraph stipulates that after receiving the notification with all necessary information, AKOS registers the operator in the official register. The entry in the official register is not the condition for the implementation of rights and obligations of operators under this act. The confirmation is not an administrative act and does not impose any rights or obligations under this act.

    Source: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Activities/services which are classified in this sub-class of the standard classification of activities:

Activities/services according to explanations of the standard classification of activities:

This sub-class entails activities of operation, maintenance or the provision of access to voice, sound, data, text and image transmission via wireless telecommunication infrastructure. 

Objects and devices for performing these activities can operate based on one or several technologies.

This also comprises:

  • providing wireless access to the internet and
  • the broadcasting of radio and television programmes via wireless networks.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Applies for SKD:

  • Wireless telecommunications activities J61.200

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.