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Agency's consent regarding regulative framework

For the use of the natural gas system, the system user is obliged to pay a network charge covering the eligible costs of system operators. The system operator determines the eligible costs of system operators, network charge and other sources for covering the costs in the regulative framework after a preliminary consent of the Agency.

The request for issuing a consent to the regulative framework must be filed by the system operator at the Agency by 15 July of the year prior to the first year of the regulative period to which the consent refers.

The system operator must prepare an investment plan for determining the regulative framework.


These terms apply to activity Distribution of natural gas

  • Operators must prepare a three-year investment plan.

    Mandatory content of an investment plan comprises:

    •  bases for the preparation of the investment plan, and the purpose and objectives or strategies of investments referred to in the investment plan;
    • a calculation of common sources of financing the distribution system operator will use to finance investments in the next three-year regulative period;
    • a list of investments by order of priority;
    • the criteria according to which order of priority of investments are determined;
    • presentation of investments in the process of preparation.


    When assessing and evaluating investments, the Agency assesses investment plans from the position of the impact of investment plans on the costs and revenue of the distribution system operator.

    Investment plans must be prepared professionally and with due diligence. All monetary values in investment plans must be expressed in EUR excluding VAT.

    Investment plans must contain all investments in various stages of implementation that will be carried out in the next three-year regulative period or for which funds must be ensured for this period.


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