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The lecturer title is awarded by the assembly of lecturers of the appropriate school. The accreditation commission must agree with the appointment.

It establishes the fulfilment of the prescribed conditions of the candidate in the appointment procedure and issues a decision. Lecturers are appointed for a five-year period and can be reappointed. The procedure for the first appointment of a lecturer is implemented on the basis of a public tender published by the schools at least once in five years.

The pedagogic and professional achievements proven by the candidate are determined with the first appointment criteria:

  •  appropriate work experience in education, preparation of study programmes, writing textbooks, reviewing textbooks, mentoring pupils, trainees or students, organising educational activity for companies, expert or research work in education and training;
  • work experience in the appropriate expert field, post-graduate education, published expert papers, patents or managing or collaborating in demanding projects or with appropriate qualifications proven with publicly valid documents.

Renewal term

Renewal term: 5 years


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