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Aquaculture production is a facility for the implementation of activities, profitable and non-profitable, public or private in connection with the breeding, possession and growing aquaculture animals or investing in open waters. The responsibility in the aquaculture production is carried by the owner of the aquaculture production activity, who is a legal or natural entity.

Every aquaculture production must be approved by the competent authority with exceptions that can be registered only in the central register: the production of aquaculture where animals are not intended for sale, sport and commercial fish-ponds and the production of aquaculture that markets aquaculture animals exclusively for dietary purposes, i.e. small quantities (3,000 kg) directly to the final consumer.


1. The holder of activity must at least 15 days before the initiation of activity submit an application to the competent authority. The application is prepared on the prescribed form.

2. The commission appointed by the director performs an inspection of the aquaculture production. Minutes are prepared on the inspection. The commission comprises an official veterinarian who manages the approval procedure, and the professional worker of the National Veterinary Institute in the field of health protection of fish.

3. Based on the minutes on the performed aquaculture production inspection, a decision on approval is issued. Every aquaculture production is approved by the director of the regional branch office of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection. Aquaculture production is entered in the register of approved facilities.

Reporting on annual production of aquaculture until 1 March of the current year is mandatory.

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5. 8. 2020