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Authorisation for expert meetings organiser

The Medical Chamber of Slovenia issues an authorisation to the expert meeting organiser who wishes that the expert meeting organised is recognised for permanent post-graduate education and that credit points are recognised.

The organiser addresses the application for authorisation and the recognition of permanent post-graduate education to the Chamber. The Chamber sends the application to the Slovenian Medical Association, which prepares the proposal for the issue of authorisation and the allocation of a certain number of credit points for a domestic expert meeting in 30 days. If the Chamber does not receive the proposal within this period, they adopt the decision on the application.

If the Slovenian Medical Association proposes to the Chamber not to issue an authorisation, they must explain their standpoint. The Chamber issues authorisation to the organiser within 90 days from the lodging of the complete application. If the Chamber rejects the application, they have to explain the reasoning behind their decision. If the authorisation is violated or breached, the Chamber withdraws the authorisation.

The authorisation can be issued for organising an individual expert meeting, for a set of expert meetings in a certain time period or for expert meetings that are organised in regular time intervals over a maximum period of 12 months.

The organiser must prove to be qualified for organising expert training and guarantee that the programme is professional and that it considers the ethical principles of the medical code of deontology and international agreements.

The application for the allocation of credit points for a certain expert meeting is addressed by the organiser to the Medical Chamber of Slovenia at least 2 months prior to the implementation of the expert meeting. The application must contain the following data:

  • title of the expert meeting, date, place, duration and name of the organiser;
  • name and address of the responsible person for the training;
  • name and address of the contact person for the implementation of training;
  • the form of training;
  • the determination of the programme and goals of the training;
  • target population;
  • the envisaged number of participants;
  • envisaged participation fee;
  • description of services offered to participants;
  • description of possible knowledge test;
  • selection of language used for the training.

The application must also contain the documentation of the process used for determining the need for such training. A potential participant must be informed on the necessary preliminary knowledge and skills that are required for full cooperation and understanding of the training.

The organiser must assess the quality and efficiency of the learning process.

The application must contain the determination of the expected theoretical and/or practical benefits for the participant. If the Chamber issues the authorisation for expert meetings in regular time intervals, the organiser provides information on the titles of the meetings within 12 months. A maximum of 2 credit points are allocated for such expert meetings.

Prior to the implementation of the expert meeting, the Chamber concludes a contract with the organiser of the expert meeting, stipulating mutual rights and obligations:

  • the organiser's original document containing the name, address and stamp of the organiser;
  • title and year of the programme;
  • list of participants with name, surname, address and signatures of participants, is considered by the Chamber as proof on the participation of a medical practitioner at an expert meeting.
The Chamber can demand that the organiser submits other documentation which the organiser must possess to implement an expert meeting.

If the application for the issue of the authorisation and the recognition and allocation of credit points is granted for a payable meeting, the application is considered as a purchase order and the organiser is obliged to pay the costs for the authorisation issue procedure and for the recognition and allocation of credit points for the expert meeting in the value of EUR 5.04 per seminar participant, i.e. by sending EUR 2.52 to the Medical Chamber of Slovenia and EUR 2.52 to the Slovenian Medical Association in accordance with the valid price list. The amount comprises 22% VAT.

The organiser is obliged to send separate lists of active and passive participants on the form published on the Chamber's website. After receiving the list of participants, the Chamber and the Slovenian Medical Association will issue an invoice which must be paid by the organiser or payer within 15 days; in the case of default, they also must pay the default interest.


These terms apply to activity Expert meetings in health care

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