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Authorisation for the ability of workshops to maintain railway vehicles

Maintenance workshops must acquire an authorisation for ability for all types of maintenance of railway vehicles except for the control and care for vehicles, and for the maintenance of vital parts and components of vehicles.

The authorisation of ability is a document confirming the ability of the workshop to maintain railway vehicles and their components and parts. The activities and individual types of maintenance for which the maintenance workshop is qualified, are stated in the authorisation of ability.

The applicant must submit an application to the competent authority to acquire the authorisation of ability. Based on the adopted decision on granting the authorisation of ability, the competent authority issues an authorisation for three years

. The competent authority enters the workshop in the register of qualified maintenance workshops at the issue of the authorisation.

Renewal term

Two months prior to the expiry of the three-year period of validity of the authorisation of ability, the applicant must once again submit the application for a professional and technical assessment of the workshop.

Renewal term: 3 years

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021