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The provider of training must acquire the authorisation for training for the implementation of mariner training.

The provider of training submits the application to the competent authority. The application must contain:

  • the indication of the authorisation or certificate, for which they are trained;
  • the list of lecturers for individual training and evidence on their qualification;
  • training programmes in accordance with the STCW code and IMO sample programmes;
  • the number, size and description of premises with the equipment where training or exam will be implemented;
  • the description of simulators and other devices and equipment;
  • the indication of literature and other used material;
  • the planned training periods;
  • the evidence on quality system;
  • the sample of training certificate;
  • evidence on paid administrative tax.

After the administrative and content review, the competent authority issues the training authorisation for maximum five years. 

Renewal term

Renewal term: 5 years


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