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Authorization to engage in strategic activity in cross-border/occasional activities

Foreign persons liable who have their registered office in one of the EU Member States and wish to carry out a strategic activity in Slovenia must, like domestic entities, notify the competent authority or obtain a permit to carry out a strategic activity before commencing the activity.

In order to get a permit, you must meet the conditions regarding the implementation of appropriate organizational and security measures, have the appropriate technology and a strategic goods advisor, as well as meet the conditions regarding impunity.

Persons liable from a foreign EU Member State who submit a permit or other equivalent proof of the competent authority of that Member State to perform a strategic activity to the competent authority shall be deemed to correspond to the permit issued by the Slovenian competent authority.

Terms and conditions

  • When carrying out an individual strategic activity, it is necessary to monitor the quantities of an individual type of strategic goods entering or leaving an individual strategic activity in order to prevent the alienation or loss of strategic goods. For this purpose, it is necessary to keep special records, the form and frequency of registration of which is adjusted according to the type and quantity of strategic goods or strategic activities.

    The facilities and premises in which the strategic activity is carried out must be protected in a way that ensures that there will be no alienation or loss of strategic goods. This may include, e.g., security service, alarm devices, etc.

    Legal basis

  • The production of strategic goods belonging to schedule 1, CWC, in quantities of more than 10 kg per year per facility, can only take place in a single small facility, in reaction vessels on production lines that are not built for continuous production. The volume of an individual reaction vessel must not exceed 100 litres, and the total volume of all reaction vessels with a volume of more than 5 litres must not exceed 500 litres.

    If the annual quantity per facility is less than 10 kg, production can also be carried out in another facility.

    The synthesis of toxic chemicals from schedule 1, CWC for research, medical or pharmaceutical purposes, but not for protective purposes, may be carried out in laboratories in total quantities of less than 100 g per year per facility.

    Legal basis

  • Zavezanec za izvajanje strateške dejavnosti mora s pisnim pooblastilom odgovorne osebe določiti svetovalca za strateško blago. Pooblastilo velja eno leto.

    Svetovalec za strateško blago mora:

    • poznati strateške dejavnosti in strateško blago zavezanca, za katerega opravlja naloge svetovalca;
    • poznati področno zakonodajo in zavezanca opozarjati na zahteve in njegove obveznosti skladno z določili zakonodaje;
    • svetovati zavezancu v drugih zadevah, povezanih s pogoji za opravljanje strateške dejavnosti na podlagi tega zakona in drugih zakonov.

    Zavezanec je dolžan svetovalcu za strateško blago zagotoviti redno izpopolnjevanje, neodvisno opravljanje nalog, dostop do vseh potrebnih podatkov, potrebna materialna in finančna sredstva ter druge pogoje za delo.


    Pisno pooblastilo zavezanca, iz katerega je razvidno, da je določil svetovalca za strateško blago

    Legal basis

  • An individual with five years of permanent residence in the country must have no record of conviction for a deliberate committed criminal offence in that country, nor any violent offence or an offence related to prohibited drugs.


    Statement of impunity: original with translation in Slovenian language.

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