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Authorization under the simplified procedure

Simplified authorization may be granted for biocidal products that qualify for the simplified procedure.

The application must be submitted through R4BP 3 of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The applicant shall inform the Agency of the name of the competent authority of the Member State which it proposes to evaluate the application.

In order to obtain authorization under the simplified procedure, a biocidal product must comply with the provisions of Article 25 of Regulation (EU) No  528/2012.

Upon receipt of the application, the competent authority shall inform the applicant of the amount, method and deadline for payment of the fee. The fee is set out in point 2.1 of the Annex to the Regulation implementing the Regulations (EU) on the making available on the market and use of biocidal products.


These terms apply to activity Market availability and use of biocidal products

  • Approval as per the simplified procedure may be issued for biocidal products fulfilling the following conditions:

    •  all active substances in the biocidal product are on the list in Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 and comply with all restrictions provided in the relevant Annex;
    • the biocidal product does not contain any hazardous substances;
    • the biocidal product does not contain any nanomaterials;
    • the biocidal product is sufficiently effective;
    • no personal protective equipment is necessary for handling the biocidal product and during its use.

    Legal basis

  • A summary of product characteristics SPCs must be drafted for every biocidal product or a summary of biocidal products within the framework of a family in the case of the family of biocidal products.

    The summary of product characteristics must include:

    •  trade names of biocidal products from the family of biocidal products;
    • name and address of the approval holder;
    • qualitative and quantitative composition of active and inactive substances;
    • producers of biocidal products (names and addresses, including the location of production facilities);
    • producers of active substances (names and addresses, including the location of production facilities);
    • type of formulation of biocidal products;
    • hazard statements and precautionary statements;
    • type of the product and, if necessary, a detailed description of authorised use;
    • targeted harmful organisms;
    • dosage and instructions for use;
    • groups of users; data on possible direct or indirect adverse effects;
    • instructions for first aid and extraordinary measures for environmental protection;
    • instructions for the safe disposal of the product and its packaging;
    • storage conditions and expiry date;
    • and if necessary, other information on the biocidal product.


    When drafting the summary, consult the guidance document for the preparation of the report published on the website of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


    Summary of characteristics of a biocidal product

    Legal basis

  • The biocidal product must have an appropriate property based on the efficacy tests against target organisms. More detailed requirements regarding the effectiveness of hand disinfectant products can be found at this link.

    Requirements for biocidal products used for disinfection of premises with automatic diffusion apparatus or disinfectants generated on site (in situ) by means of apparatus can be found at the following link.


    Performance data

    Legal basis

  • Biocidal products must be properly classified, packaged and labelled in accordance with the approved summary of product characteristics. The labelling of a biocidal product must not be misleading as to the risk posed by the product to human health, animal health and the environment and shall in no case contain the words "low-risk biocidal product", "non-toxic", "harmless", "natural", "environmentally friendly", "animal-friendly" or similar indications. In addition, the label must show the following information:

    (a) the identity of every active substance and its concentration in metric units;

    (b) the nanomaterials contained in the product, if any, and any specifically related risks, and, following each reference to nanomaterials, the word ‘nano’ in brackets;

    (c) the authorization number allocated to the biocidal product by the competent authority or the Commission;

    (d) the name and address of the authorization holder;

    (e) the type of formulation;

    (f) the uses for which the biocidal product is authorized;

    (g) directions for use, frequency of application and dose rate, expressed in metric units, in a manner which is meaningful and comprehensible to the user, for each use provided for under the terms of the authorization;

    (h) particulars of likely direct or indirect adverse side effects and any directions for first aid;

    (i) if accompanied by a leaflet, the sentence ‘Read attached instructions before use’ and, where applicable, warnings for vulnerable groups;

    (j) directions for the safe disposal of the biocidal product and its packaging, including, where relevant, any prohibition on the reuse of packaging;

    (k) the formulation batch number or designation and the expiry date relevant to normal conditions of storage;

    (l) where applicable, the period of time needed for the biocidal effect, the interval to be observed between applications of the biocidal product or between application and the next use of the product treated, or the next access by humans or animals to the area where the biocidal product has been used, including particulars concerning decontamination means and measures and duration of necessary ventilation of treated areas; particulars for adequate cleaning of equipment; particulars concerning precautionary measures during use and transport;

    (m) where applicable, the categories of users to which the biocidal product is restricted;

    (n) where applicable, information on any specific danger to the environment particularly concerning protection of non-target organisms and avoidance of contamination of water;

    (o) for biocidal products containing micro-organisms, labelling requirements in accordance with Directive 2000/54/EC.

    Member States may require:

    • submission of packaging models or drafts, labels and instructions;
    • that biocidal products are labelled in the language of each EU Member State.


    Draft label

    Legal basis

  • The biocidal product must be prepared and submitted in accordance with Article 31 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. The safety data sheet is intended for the user of a biocidal product.

    It shall be drawn up in the official language of the Member State in which the product is placed on the market unless the Member State provides otherwise. The safety data sheet is prepared in the Slovenian language.

    Safety data sheets do not need to be supplied if the biocidal products are provided with sufficient information to enable users to take all necessary measures to protect human health, safety and the environment unless required by the downstream user or distributor.

    More detailed instructions for preparing the safety data sheet can be found in Annex II to Regulation 1907/2006/EU or its amendments 2020/878/EU.


    Safety data sheet

    Legal basis

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