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Certificate concerning the licence for the protection of people and property

This licence is one of the permits for performing private security services granted to companies or sole traders by the Ministry of the Interior upon the fulfilment of the conditions with the icertificate concerning the licence.

The basic conditions required for obtaining the licence in the field of the protection of people and property include: 

  • a security manager employed full time for an unspecified period or a security manager who is a sole trader;
  • related persons underwent a security check and there are no security-related reservations, and the related persons are not incorporated as a legal entity that has lost its licence and this prohibitive measure is still in place;
  • no procedure for the revoking of the licence has been instituted against the applicant;
  • no measure for the temporary or conditional withdrawal of its licence has been carried out against the applicant in the past two years and the measure for the prohibition of a re-application for a licence is still in effect;
  • employment of suitably skilled professional security personnel;
  • the applicant owns or contractually hires a security control centre;
  • liability insurance;
  • an internal act specifying the signs, working attire, equipment, and vehicles;
  • owns or hires business premises in the Republic of Slovenia.


These terms apply to activity Protection of persons and property

  • Security clearance is performed by the ministry that collects data on security issues and is done to establish the conditions for performing as a detective. It must be performed before the licence is issued. In the security clearance process, the existence of security issues is established.

    Security issues include the following findings:

    • That the person was finally convicted for an intentional criminal offence, prosecuted ex officio;
    • That the person was finally convicted for another criminal offence, prosecuted ex officio leading to unconditional imprisonment for a period of more than three months and in connection with being a detective;
    • Or that there is reasonable doubt about the reliability or credibility of the person in performing detective activity.

    The licence is issued if the authority establishes that security issues do not exist.

    Security clearance can be performed by the Ministry on the basis of the signed agreement, which is part of the application for a licence, and that the Ministry of the Interior may, to establish the conditions for performing detective activity, acquire data from official records in accordance with the legal provisions that regulate detective activity.


    Note of the ministry on the security clearance procedure in the application for the acquisition of a licence.

    Legal basis

    Competent Authority

    Ministry of the Interior

    Štefanova 2
    1501 Ljubljana

  • Prior to performing the activity, a holder of the licence must obtain liability insurance for damages which could be incurred to a client or third party when providing private security services.

    The insurance amount must not be lower than EUR 42,000 for an individual contingency or EUR 84,000 for all contingencies in an individual year.

    Legal basis

  • A designation is a symbol consisting of the name of a company or abbreviated name of the licence holder in uppercase. A sign or logo may be used instead of a designation.

    Vehicles intended for interventions and vehicles of licence holders which use a flashing yellow light when driving must be equipped with a designation, sign or logo, and inscription VAROVANJE on the left and right side.

    Work clothes:

    • A security guard or bodyguard may conduct security services in civilian clothes.
    • A security manager may perform tasks of private security only in work clothes.
    • The back of upper garments of a security guard must be equipped with the inscription VAROVANJE in the middle. This is for security guards providing protection of public gatherings, protection for the transportation of money and valuables and interventions or private security in public places

    During performing their tasks, a security guard watchman, security guard, security guard supervisor and security technician must wear work clothes equipped with the designation of the licence holder on the sleeve or at the front, and the surname and initial letter of the name of the person, and the inscription VAROVANJE at the front.

    Legal basis

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8. 9. 2021