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Cross-border provision of private security service

A foreign individual or business may perform private security in Slovenia permanently (via an established subsidiary) or temporarily If they meet the conditions. Private security may be performed as an activity once the correct licence has been acquired.

A foreign person who has the right to perform private security in their own country must, prior to beginning performing private security in the Republic of Slovenia, acquire a consent from the Ministry of the Interior. An application for acquiring the consent must be submitted in written or electronic form.

In granting the consent to perform the activity of private security, the Ministry verifies whether the foreign person meets equivalent conditions, qualifications and standards applicable to performing private security in the Republic of Slovenia.

If performing the activity or profession of private security is not governed by law in their own country, the applicant must, in addition to other evidence, submit evidence that they have worked in private security uninterruptedly or totally for two years in the last ten years.

Documents, which must be submitted to acquire the consent to perform private security in the Republic of Slovenia, must include a certified translation into Slovenian.

The applicant who meets all the conditions and acquires the consent of the competent ministry is entered in the register of licence holders.

Last modified:
21. 6. 2022