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Decision on recognising other organisation for the area of the administrative unitu upravne enote

Other recognised organisation that operates on the area of one or several administrative units, can implement individual tasks of the approved breeding programme in pig farming, cattle farming and sheep and goats farming based on the acquired decision on the recognition of other organisation issued by the competent authority.

The organisation submits an application at the competent authority to acquire the decision on recognition. After an administrative and content review, the competent authority issues a decision for a five-year period.

Prior to implementing activities, the other recognised organisation must ensure appropriate premises and a professional manager as well as other qualified professional workers.

Upon receiving the decision on recognition, the competent authority enters the organisation in the list of other recognised organisation with the following data:

  • name and head office of the organisation,
  • number and date of the decision on the recognition of the other organisation,
  • the area and field of operations,
  • the recognition validity period.