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Decision on recognising vocational qualifications to perform the function of an administrator

Applications for the recognition of vocational qualifications are submitted to the ministry.

After receiving a complete application, the committee that issues and revokes permits to perform the function of an administrator of insolvency proceedings and compulsory liquidations discusses the application at its session.

The committee expresses an opinion on the applicant's request.

A draft decision (permit) and the minutes of the session of the committee are submitted to the Minister of Justice for a decision and signature.

After a decision (permit) has been issued, the person who was issued the permit is entered on the general list of administrators (AJPES and the website of the Ministry of Justice) and on lists of administrators of the selected courts.

With a decision on initiating insolvency proceedings, the district courts in the Republic of Slovenia appoint a person as an administrator according to the order on the list of administrators who have selected the particular court for their operations.