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Prior to preparing the detailed plan, the investor must acquire the energy permit for the following facilities, devices or networks:

  • facilities for the production of electrical energy with nominal electric power greater than 1 MW which are connected to the public electrical network;
  • facilities for natural gas storage and terminals for liquefied natural gas;
  • heat production facilities with more than 1 MW for remote heating or further sales;
  • direct supply lines;
  • connecting line crossing the state border;
  • facilities or definite economic sites with connecting power greater than 5 MW or annual consumption of natural gas higher than 5 million m3.

The energy permit must be acquired for each reconstruction of facilities that modifies the energy parameters of the facility.

The energy permit is issued by the minister responsible for energy. The energy permit determines:

  • the location and the area to which the energy permit refers;
  • type of facility, fuels, devices to which the energy permit refers;
  • methods and conditions of performing energy activities in the facility, device;
  • conditions in connection with the facility, the device after the termination of its operations;
  • conditions in connection with the use of public assets or public infrastructure;
  • obligations of the energy permit holder in connection with the provision of data to the minister competent for energy.
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