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Entry in the register and approval of test stations

An organisation must be approved and entered in the register to perform test station services.

The approved test station must have appropriate facilities and equipment to be entered in the register. It must appoint a professional test station manager and an appropriate number of workers who perform tests. All staff must be appropriately qualified.

An approval of the test station is conducted upon the submission of application to the competent authority. After an administrative and content review, the competent authority issues a decision on the approval of test station. After the approval, the test station is entered in the register.

For approving the test station, the application must contain:

  • name, head office, legal and organisation form;
  • address or location of individual facilities of the test station indicating individual identification number of the agricultural holding;
  • work area and detailed description of the work area;
  • personal name and address of the legal representative of the organisation and professional manager of the test station;
  • description of technical conditions for accepting the animal for testing (minimum age at stabling, method of stabling, possibility of quarantine and other);
  • the description of technical conditions of implementing individual tests (test in groups, the possibility of individual animal testing);
  • total capacity of the test station and the capacity of stabling by individual animal categories;
  • the description of technical conditions showing that it is possible to ensure equal conditions for testing for all animals during testing;
  • the indication of the measurement and laboratory equipment which is available at the test station for implementing tests;
  • the description of sending data during tests to a renowned breeding organisation for which test station performs animal testing;
  • the description of the data archiving method for the period of at least five years after the conclusion of each individual test;
  • the description of assuring veterinary measures and preventive health care of animals at the test station;
  • evidence on the qualification of the test station professional manager for implementing tests with the indication of professional references;
  • list of names of all employees at the test station including the description of jobs and the specification of professional education, technical knowledge, training and experience in the implementation of tests on breeding animals;
  • evidence on the employment of workers who perform tests.

At the entry of the test station in the register the following data are indicated:

  • name and head office of the test station;
  • address or location of individual facilities of the test station or agricultural holdings where tests are implemented, with the indication of individual KMG-MID;
  • the number and date of the decision on approving the test station;
  • the field and area of operations;
  • the approval validity period.