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Doctor of dental medicine can start performing dental medicine services after being entered in the register of doctors, managed by the Medical Chamber of Slovenia. The Medical Chamber of Slovenia manages the medical register as a database administrator in the field of health-care.

The entry in the register is performed upon the request of the doctor of dental medicine who fulfils the required conditions. The Chamber issues a decision in the administrative procedure on entry in the register or the deletion from the register. A doctor of dental medicine submits a complete application for entry in the register at the Chamber.

A doctor of dental medicine attaches the documentation proving the fulfilment of conditions for entry in the register. A doctor of dental medicine does not need to attach evidence from official records of state authorities, local self-government bodies and holders of public authority. The official person can acquire such data ex officio.

The deletion from the register is performed:

  • if the doctor of dental medicine makes a written application stating that they do not want to be entered in the register;
  • if the registration is not mandatory;
  • after completing occasional medical service;
  • if the doctor of dental medicine does not fulfil the obligations as the member of the Chamber based on the decision of the executive board;
  • upon the request of the Chamber's arbitration board.

A person awarded the professional title of doctor of dental medicine to whom the decision on the equivalence of the title obtained abroad with the Slovenian professional title of doctor of dental medicine was issued in the procedure of recognition as per the act governing the recognition and evaluation of education may be employed as an intern. The internship lasts one year and ends with a professional examination.

An intern performs the following tasks:

  • is informed on the management and organisation of work, operations of the public health service and safety at work;
  • is informed on theoretical and practical aspects of social medicine, epidemiology and hygiene;
  • undergoes practical training in professional areas of dentistry.

Doctors of dental medicine – interns can perform medical services within their specialisation only if guided and under the responsibility of the mentor.

The purpose of internship is that the intern is informed on all work tasks under the prescribed programme, i.e. in accordance with the professional education, and is getting prepared for the professional exam and subsequent independent work.

Internship is implemented in accordance with the programme determined by the minister of health and encompasses content that applies to the intern's education, as well as practical and theoretical knowledge. An intern must work full-time during internship.

Internship is performed in health-care institutions, at private health-care services providers and in other institutions that perform health-care activities and fulfil the prescribed conditions for internship.

The employer is responsible for appropriate implementation of internship. The employer must determine a mentor prior to the start of internship and submit the internship programme and professional exam programme. Internship is implemented under direct leadership and supervision of a mentor who is responsible for the implementation of an individual internship programme.

The intern's practical knowledge is consistently tested by the employer where the internship is implemented. Internship is concluded with a practical exam that is the condition for admitting the intern for the professional exam.


These terms apply to the profession Doctor of dental medicine specialist


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