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Entry in the register and marking of apiaries

An apiary is a place where bees are located and includes:

  • a permanent facility with settled beehives, a geographically closed agricultural,
  • forest or urban place where free standing beehives and
  • movable transportable unit with beehives are located.

All apiaries must be registered and marked.


The apiary register is an updated electronic register managed by the competent authority, which contains data on beekeepers, apiaries, temporary beehives and the number of bee families and movements of bees.

A beekeeper must submit an application for the registration of the apiary at the competent authority in 30 days after the setup of the apiary at the latest.

The competent authority issues a registration mark and the notification on the entry in the register at the registration of the apiary.


A beekeeper must permanently mark the apiary with a registration number at a visible spot in seven days after receiving the registration number for the apiary. The apiary registration mark is a yellow board in the size of 150 x 100 mm which contains the registration number of the apiary, the abbreviation of the competent authority that issues registration numbers.

The registration number of the apiary is a unique identification number which is composed of the two-letter mark for Slovenia (SI) and a six-digit number.

Bee families cannot be moved only from the marked apiaries.

If the land plot where the beekeeper plans to register an apiary is not in their ownership, the beekeeper must acquire the consent of the land plot owner on permitting the setup of the apiary.

The apiary is registered for indefinite time. When beekeeping is terminated for this apiary, the beekeeper requests termination or the abandonment of the apiary.

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17. 2. 2022