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Entry in the register of cattle (CRD)

Cattle owner can apply for access to central register of pigs (VOLOS online application). The animal owner must submit an application for accessing the VOLOS portal. The animal owner must arrange the entry in the register of livestock owners (EIRŽ), the appropriate marking of cattle and must manage a register of cattle at the farm holding.

The acquisition of access and use are free of charge, the programme use is simple.

CRG is an updated electronically managed register of cattle that provides the following data:

  • on births, markings, import, movements, deaths and export of cattle,
  • on issued ear marks and passports, issued duplicates of ear marks and duplicates of passports,
  • on cattle owners, farms and locations where the cattle is situated;
  • on requested and approved state financial aid for individual type of cattle;
  • on blockages of cattle trading on farms,
  • on the supervision,
  • on providers of public services,
  • on suppliers of ear marks,
  • on persons with access to data from the CRG with the exception of public access.

The Animal Identification and Registration Office (SIR) issues the extract from the CRG for each farm four times a year, and the extract applies as the confirmation on the entry of data.

The owner can authorised public services providers for the mentioned services (agricultural and forestry institute, veterinary organisation with concession).


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