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The register of detectives managed by the Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia includes individuals who fulfil the conditions for performing a detective’s activities.

The application to get a licence is lodged at the Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia, which issues a licence, detective card, and badge. If the application is complete; the detective is then entered in the register of detectives.


These terms apply to the profession Detective

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or any other member state of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.


    The candidate submits a copy of a valid personal document showing the citizenship or citizenship certificate issued according to the regulations of the country of origin.

  • An individual must have a higher education qualification obtained within the scope of a professional 1st level programme (VI) or an equal level of education obtained abroad and recognised in accordance with the law.


    Education acquired in Slovenia:

    • Diploma or certificate – certified copy.

    Education acquired in the EU:

    • Diploma, certificate or other documents of formal education acquired in the EU – original or certified copy with  attached certified translation into Slovenian.
    • Documents on the contents and training must be provided, which also state the duration of the study programme and study subjects, including the hours or credits acquired in individual subjects. This must be the original or a  certified copy withan  attached certified translation into Slovenian.

  • A detective’s examination is comprised of a written and an oral part.

    The written part takes 60 minutes; the complete examination takes a maximum of 180 minutes.

    A candidate must achieve more than 60 per cent to pass the exam successfully.

    To apply to take the detective exam, the candidate must lodge an application for professional training and qualification implemented by the Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia at least 8 days before the initiation of professional training.

    In order to pass the examination, a candidate must apply at least 15 days before the examination via an online application form available on the website of the Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia.


    • The costs of professional training and qualification: EUR 1,402.32;
    • The costs of the detective exam: EUR 383.00


    Certificate – original, certified copy or non-certified copy with access to the original

    Legal basis

    Competent Authority

    Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia

    Stegne 21
    1000 Ljubljana

  • A certificate showing that in the past two years the individual has not performed the tasks of a policeman, authorised official in the Intelligence and Security Agency in Slovenia or the Intelligence and Security Office of the Ministry of Defence.


    Certificate of performing the profession in the past two years – acquired from the relevant authority.

Renewal term

The Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia organises periodic training every four years, which all detectives must attend.

Renewal term: periodic training every 4 years

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