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Persons liable to be entered in the register of facilities are holders of the activity of the primary production of foodstuffs and fodder of plant origin.

The application for the registration of facilities of the primary producers of foodstuffs of plant origin are filled out by all who produce, prepare and store primary foodstuff products of plant origin, including the proper level of market launching.

The primary fodder production includes production, simple processing of agricultural products (e.g. mowing, harvesting, natural drying, cleaning, packaging, storing, silage making), storing and management of agricultural products on the farm.

After the examination of the request, the competent authority will issue the holder of the activity the extract from the register of facilities which serves as registration confirmation.

Holders of activities who exclusively produce and store the foodstuff products of plant origin and fodder for private domestic use, are not required to enter in the register of facilities.

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021