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Entry in the register of real estate agents in case of cross-border provisions of profession

Persons who acquired professional qualification in another EU member state and wish to pursue a regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia temporary/cross-border must submit a written application to the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. The application must be submited in accordance with the law concerning the recognition of professional qualifications.

On the basis of the application, the ministry shall issue a certificate of application to the individual and enter him/her in the directory of real estate agents.

The certificate of application shall be valid for one year and may be extended in accordance with the law governing the procedure of the recognition of professional qualifications.


These terms apply to the profession Real estate agent

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or any other member state of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.


    The candidate submits a copy of a valid personal document showing the citizenship or citizenship certificate issued according to the regulations of the country of origin.

  • An individual must meet all the conditions prescribed in the country of origin in order to practice a regulated profession.

    If the profession is not regulated in the country of origin, the individual must perform the services which the latter wishes to provide in the Republic of Slovenia in the home country continuously or for at least two years in the period of the previous ten years before he/she performing these services in the Republic of Slovenia.


    • Certificates issued by the competent authorities of European union Member States on the fulfilment of conditions to practice a profession (e.g. certificate of a completed professional examination, membership of a professional chamber),
    • evidence of other qualifications and professional experience (if the profession is not regulated in the country of origin). 
    The documents must be submitted in the original or in a certified copy thereof translated into Slovenian language.

    Legal basis

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