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Entry in the register of sign language interpreters

The register of sign language interpreters is managed by the ministry, competent for disability care and comprises:  

  • date and number of the decision on the entry in the register,
  • personal data (name and surname of the interpreter, date and place of birth, personal identification number, achieved level and type of education, residence, tax number);
  • date and number of certificate issue;
  • acquired vocational qualification.

The ministry competent for disability care, issues the decision on the entry in the register or on the deletion from the register. The ministry notifies the Sign Language Interpreters Association on the issued decision, since it manages the publicly accessible list of sign language interpreters who are entered in the register.

An interpreter is deleted from the sign language interpreters register:

  • if they die;
  • if they make a written statement that they do not want to work as interpreters;
  • if they were prohibited to perform their work as interpreters.
Last modified:
13. 5. 2021