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Persons liable to enter in the register of suppliers of seed units of agricultural plants (SEME register) are natural or legal entities who pursue the activity of production, market preparation, marketing or import of the seed units of agricultural plants in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

The entry in the SEME register is not mandatory for suppliers who exclusively pursue the distribution and sale of seed units of agricultural plants in the original packaging.

To enter in the register, a supplier must provide a person who fulfils prescribed conditions in terms of professional qualification and who will be responsible for the fulfilment of prescribed liabilities of the supplier (responsible expert person). If a supplier is a natural entity, he himself may also be a responsible expert person.

A supplier pursuing the activity of producing seed units of agricultural plants must be as an agricultural holding entered in the register of agricultural holdings.

An application must be lodged with the competent authority to enter in the SEME register. The application must include the identification data on the supplier, activity of the supplier and identification data on the responsible expert person. If a supplier pursues the activity at different locations of productions, the above-stated data for each individual location of production must be included in the application.


  • A responsible expert person is responsible for fulfilling the tasks of a supplier.

    A responsible expert person of a supplier must be regularly employed with the supplier or conduct the tasks of an expert person as per the agreement. A supplier must authorise this person to fulfil the supplier's obligations on his behalf.

    A supplier who is a natural entity may also be a responsible expert person at the same time, if he fulfils the conditions regarding the appropriate education and work experience.


Last modified:
21. 4. 2022