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Guaranteed access to postal infrastructure

The provider of exchangeable postal services must conclude a contract with Pošta Slovenije d.o.o. to access postal infrastructure.

The contract on access is concluded upon the provider's request.

The contract on the access to Pošta Slovenije, d. o. o. networks enables the provider access to the postal infrastructure and the initiation of the implementation of exchangeable postal services.

The contract on access determines methods and conditions for access, the price of access that bases on costs, method of calculation and payment.

Access to the network means that the provider of an exchangeable service supplies their sorted shipments to the point of access and with regard to this point of access (regional post office or delivery post office) and acquires a certain discount with regard to the level of shipment distribution (to the delivery post or delivery region).

The points of access to infrastructure are:

  • eight regional receiving post offices: 1102 Ljubljana, 2102 Maribor, 3102 Celje, 4101 Kranj, 5102 Nova Gorica, 6104 Koper, 8101 Novo mesto and 9101 Murska Sobota - all delivery post offices.

Access levels are additionally defined for accessing infrastructure:

  • shipments to recipients at all post offices in Slovenia, categorised to the delivery post office level;
  • shipments for recipients at all post offices in Slovenia, categorised to the delivery district level (within the scope of the delivery post office level, where shipments are sent off at a regional post office or delivery post office, where the provider deposits shipments).

The contract on accessing the network of Pošta Slovenije, d. o. o. is concluded for indefinite time or as agreed by the contract.


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