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Licence for inspecting air-conditioning systems

For acquiring the licence for producing energy cards, an individual must have appropriate education, work experience and qualifications.

The candidate is obliged to lodge an application for the issue of the licence of an independent professional for the regular inspection of air-conditioning systems to the relevant ministry.

When the independent professional receives the licence, they also receive the independent professionals’ card for the regular inspection of air-conditioning systems.


These terms apply to the profession Expert for inspecting air-conditioning systems

  • Applicants must have at least higher professional education or education in a study programme of the first cycle in study fields that are part of:

    •  the narrow field “Technology” (except the narrow field “Chemical and process”) or
    • “Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft”.


    Photocopy of a certificate of suitable education

    Legal basis

  • Applicants must have at least two years' suitable work experience since they acquired education in the field of air conditioning systems.


    Photocopy of the employment booklet or employment contract or any other suitable legal document which shows that the applicant has sufficient work experience in their field of expertise

    Legal basis

  • In the five years prior to filing a request for the issue of a licence, applicants must successfully conclude training for independent experts for the inspection of air conditioning systems.

    The test of knowledge comprises the verification of expert knowledge from various interdisciplinary fields. The test of knowledge is composed of written and oral parts. The written part of the test includes questions from all fields of the training programme and lasts for a maximum of two school periods. In the oral part, each training participant carries out at least three inspections of air conditioning systems. The systems to be inspected differ in size and complexity. The estimated time for an inspection is two to four hours.

    Applicants' success in the written part is assessed by the examination board with “pass” or “fail”. The written part of the test is passed if the applicant accumulated at least 75 per cent of all possible points.

    Applicants who have passed the written part have the right to sit the oral part of the test.

    Success in the oral part is also assessed with “pass” or “fail”. Applicants who have passed written and oral parts of the test are deemed to have passed the test. If the applicant failed the oral part, they must retake the whole test.

    Applicants may retake the test twice. If, after taking the test twice, the applicant does not pass the test, they may retake the test after one year and new training.


    Certificate of the test for the acquisition of an independent expert licence to inspect air conditioning systems

    Legal basis

Renewal term

Renewal term: 5 years

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