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Licence to pursue the activity of insurance agencies in an EU Member State

An insurance agent who intends to pursue the activity of insurance agencies in the Republic of Slovenia must notify the supervisory authority of the state of their head office. The authority must notify the Insurance Supervision Agency within one month.

An insurance agent may commence pursuing the activity of insurance agencies or brokerage in the Republic of Slovenia within one month of being informed by the supervisory authority of the state of their head office that the authority has notified the Insurance Supervision Agency of the intention of the insurance agent to pursue the activity.


These terms apply to activity Implementation of trainings for the management of plant production products

  • Applicants who wish to pursue this activity must register the business activity, and have the appropriate legal status.

  • Lecturers of PPP management are persons who carry out training in an individual expert field of phytomedicine for providers of trainings in PPP management.

    The areas of phytomedicine are the following:

    • plant protection measures against pests;
    • PPP impacts on public health;
    • PPP impacts on the environment.

    A provider of trainings must sign a working or contractual relationship with at least one lecturer for each of the expert fields of phytomedicine.

    A lecturer must fulfil prescribed conditions regarding adequate education and suitable work experience.


  • The facilities where the training is implemented must be of a suitable size, have good lighting, ventilation and acoustics and must be adequately technically equipped for a safe and undisturbed implementation of the training activity.


    The appropriately technically equipped facility from the foregoing paragraph is the facility which:


    is equipped with electric installations and adequately heated, equipped with working tables and chairs suitable for adults, lecturer's desk with a computer and a blackboard with the projector screen, and an access to the sanitary facilities.


    The Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection provides the contractor an information environment for keeping records, issuing of card and announcements of trainings. The provider of training must be provided with suitable technical equipment to access this environment.


    a computer with Microsoft Windows XP operating system or higher and the Internet Explorer 8 browser or higher, laser printed and the internet connection with at least of 1Mbps.


    The equipment must provide the issuing of cards and keeping records.

    Legal basis

These terms apply to the profession Lawyer

  • Prior to making a decision on the entry in the register of lawyers, legal assistants and interns, the Board of Lawyers of the Association requires an opinion from the Executive Committee of the Regional Assembly of Attorneys in the territory of which the applicant lives and works as to whether the applicant can be trusted to pursue the profession of lawyer.

    The condition is also verified with a certificate from the criminal records of the Ministry of Justice and public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

    The applicant is not trustworthy to pursue the profession of lawyer if he or she has been convicted of a criminal offence due to which he or she is morally unworthy to pursue the profession of lawyer, or if he or she acts in such a way that it may be justifiably concluded that he or she will not fairly and conscientiously pursue the profession of lawyer.

  • The full legal competence is acquired by an adult natural person when he or she reaches the age of 18, by marrying prior to coming of age, and, with a court decision, also a minor who becomes a parent.

  • Suitable premises and equipment must include at least:

    • a room for the lawyer, a waiting room (which may also be the room for the secretary), telephone, fax, computer with an e-mail address, and toilet.
    The lawyer must submit a lease contract or contract of ownership.

    Legal basis

  • The Slovenian Bar Association insures a lawyer against liability for damages which could be incurred by a client during the practice of the profession of lawyer.

    The insurance covers damages due to gross negligence, error or failure to perform professional obligation on the part of a lawyer and his or her employees in the amount of:

    • EUR 250,000 for an individual case, or
    • EUR 500,000 annually.
    The insurance premium is paid from the lawyer's insurance contribution.
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