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National vocational qualification – security guard

A security guard is a person who directly performs private security services and may also carry out measures and duties pursuant to statutory provisions.

Two specific conditions to be fulfilled by an individual who wishes to obtain the vocational qualification for a security guard are:

  • a medical certificate on the medical ability to perform security services, issued by the occupational and sport medicine specialist;
  • elementary school certificate.

The professional training and the updating of the skills of security personnel shall be carried out on three levels:

  • by taking part in professional training for obtaining the vocational qualification, the candidates obtain knowledge and skills for performing security personnel tasks and assignments;
  • by means of the periodical upgrading of skills, the security personnel upgrades and refreshes its knowledge and prepares for a periodical test of their professional skills;
  • by means of the upgrading of their professional skills, the security personnel gains and broadens its expert knowledge and prepares for the test of their professional skills.

Individuals must participate in periodical skills upgrading programmes every five years after they conclude their basic professional training. The costs of the periodical training depend on the contents. An individual may participate in professional training at any time.

In the event that a person fails to take part in periodical skills upgrading at the latest within six months after the expiration of a five year period following the completed basic professional training, it shall be deemed that this person is not professionally qualified and no longer meets the conditions for performing private security services.

Periodical skills upgrading for other types of work will be recognised for security personnel that is trained for multiple types of work, provided that they conclude training for more difficult types of work, namely in the following order: security manager, authorised security system engineer, security guard/bodyguard, security control centre operator, supervising security guard, security guard, security guard/watchman, and security technician.

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021