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Permit to issue labels and confirmations of the supplier to market the seed units of agricultural plants

The permit must be acquired by suppliers who intend to place on the market:

  • reproduction material or saplings of fruit plants of the CAC category;
  • reproduction material of the vine of the standard category;
  • reproduction material and planting material of vegetables;
  • reproduction material of ornamental plants.

In the market, the reproduction material must be designated with the prescribed labels or the confirmation of the supplier.

A supplier must be entered in the SEME register at least for the preparation for the market and marketing of the species or a group of agricultural plants, for which he intends to issue labels of the confirmations of the supplier.

A supplier must acquire the permit for each new species or group of agricultural plants, the seed unit of which he intends to produce and market.

The suppliers which are small producers do not have to acquire the permit. These are the suppliers, the whole production of seed units of which is intended for self-sufficiency or for sale in the local market to natural entities who are the end users of these seed units and who do not professionally deal with the production of agricultural plants (they are not producers of fruit, grape, vegetables, ornamental plants).

Once a year, the competent inspector conducts a supervision with the supplier of the seed units of agricultural plants, who possesses the permit to issue labels and confirmations.

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021