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By acquiring the permit, a distributor may pursue the wholesale trade in plant protection products in the Republic of Slovenia.

A distributor sends a written application for the acquisition of the permit for the wholesale trade in PPP with the competent authority.

The application to acquire the permit must in particular include the following data on the distributor:

  • personal name or company,
  • address or head office and location of the trade in PPP,
  • tax identification number,
  • type of trade (PPP wholesale, PPP retail),
  • statement on the fulfilment of the prescribed conditions regarding the facilities and equipment and the methods of storage and management of PPP.

The permit for the wholesale trade in PPP is issued by the competent authority, if it is established that all prescribed conditions are fulfilled.

Upon issuing the permit for the wholesale trade in PPP, the competent authority enters the holder of the permit in the register.

The register is public and published on the website of the competent authority.


These terms apply to activity Wholesale of plant protection products

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021