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Recognition of vocational qualifications to pursue the professions of assistant librarian, senior assistant librarian, associate librarian and librarian

Citizens of EU Member States, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation and of states with which an appropriate international agreement has been concluded may pursue the relevant profession in the Republic of Slovenia under the same conditions as apply to Slovenian citizens.

Citizens who wish to pursue their profession on a permanent basis must obtain a decision on the recognition of professional qualifications from the Ministry of Culture.

The procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications is initiated at the request of an applicant who submits a written application to the Ministry of Culture.

In the course of the procedure, the competent ministry may request that the applicant provide other supporting documents besides those listed below.

Proof of professional qualifications issued by a third country are considered to be proof of professional qualifications if the candidate has three years of professional experience in the relevant profession in an EU Member State, the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation where such proof of professional qualifications have been recognised.

The supporting documents, except for proof of citizenship, are usually submitted in the form of a certified translation with the original document available upon request.

The competent ministry may request the opinion of the competent chamber or other competent authority or organisation; if the requested opinion is not provided within 20 days, the competent authority shall issue a decision without it.

In the course of the procedure, the competent ministry compares the written documentation on the applicant’s professional qualifications with the professional qualifications required for pursuit of the profession under the regulations of the Republic of Slovenia.

If the profession is not regulated in the country of origin of the qualifications, the applicant must fulfil the requirement of having pursued the activity concerned for one year during the previous ten years or complete regulated education and training intended for pursuit of the profession.

If, on the basis of this comparison, the ministry assesses that the applicant's professional qualifications are not adequate, it issues a decision requesting that the applicant take – depending on the circumstances – one of the following supplementary actions to obtain recognition of his or her professional qualifications:

  • an aptitude test or an adaptation period, during which the applicant must satisfy the conditions for the recognition of the professional qualifications that he or she initially failed to meet.

After the supplementary action is completed, the competent ministry issues a decision on the recognition of the applicant’s professional qualifications for pursuit of the relevant profession:

  • if, on the basis of the application, it assesses that the applicant's professional qualifications comply with the professional qualifications required by the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia for pursuit of the profession,
  • when the applicant submits proof of a successfully completed adjustment period or aptitude test.

The production costs of the licence card shall be paid using a universal payment order (UPN) that includes the following data:

  • Recipient: UPRAVNE TAKSE, Župančičeva ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Account number: SI56 0110 0100 0315 637
  • Ref. no.: 11 33405-7111002-33400514

Legal protection

No appeal shall be allowed against a decision issued by the competent ministry; however, an administrative dispute may be initiated. An administrative dispute shall be instituted by an action.

The action shall be lodged directly with the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia, Fajfarjeva 33, 1000 Ljubljana, during office hours or in due time by registered mail. If the action is sent by registered mail, the date it is posted shall be considered the date of delivery to the court. Two copies of the administrative act challenged and two copies of the action – as either a transcription or a copy – must be attached.

The time limit for bringing an action shall be 30 days from the service of the decision that concluded the procedure.

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10. 6. 2021